Hospital Supply Chain Market Reports

Survey of hospital executives and supply chain leaders reveals top concerns and emerging challenges Many hospitals and health systems continue to put off critical supply chain improvement initiatives. We have put together two new market reports that highlight the survey findings and explain what you can do to start improving your hospital supply chain. REPORT: HOSPITAL SUPPLY CHAIN INSIGHTS REPORT: 3 WAYS TO BOOST MARGINS THROUGH SUPPLY CHAIN IMPROVEMENTS

Syft Synergy® An Enterprise-Wide Approach

Optimized hospital supply chain management can reduce annual expenses by 22.6%, or $12.1 million per hospital, according to a recent Guidehouse report. Syft Synergy, our platform-based solution, helps hospitals increase efficiency and reduce waste by providing total visibility and control of the supply chain. LEARN MORE ABOUT SYFT SYNERGY LEARN HOW SYFT INTEGRATES WITH EHRs, ERPs

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Syft's Critical Services Spotlight:

Inventory Services

Syft provides accurate point-in-time inventory visibility for hospitals whenever they need it, including for mid- and year-end reporting.

Point-of-Use and Analytics Services

Syft improves efficiency and reduces supply costs in operating rooms, cath labs, and other procedural areas. Preference card optimization and analytics tools help hospitals capture real-time materials utilization in the OR, reduce waste, and significantly increase margins.

Supply Chain Disruption Services

Syft provides incident surge services and solutions to help hospitals recover from, and prepare for, significant and often unplanned supply chain disruptions.

Hospital Supply Chain Budget Justification Model: No Margin. No Mission.

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Helpful Resources

Syft Synergy Platform Brochure

Learn how our platfrom gives supply chain and clinical staff visibility into products being used across the entire healthcare system including those within perioperative, procedural, and nursing units. Read the Brochure

Three Ways to Boost Margins Through Supply Chain Improvements

With mounting pressure to improve the bottom line and bounce back against pandemic-induced revenue losses, it’s time for hospitals pick up the pace on supply chain improvement initiatives. This report can help them get started.Get the Report

Hospital Supply Chain Insights Report

In the nearly two years since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, some hospitals have taken steps to create more resilient supply chains. But a new survey reveals that most are not prioritizing supply chain improvements as highly as they should.Read the Report

Nurses: The Secret Factor for Better Supply Chains

What a nurse-centric supply chain looks like and how to achieve it. The top supply chain changes nurses wish their hospitals would make, and how current supply chain processes impact efficiency, waste and revenue, patient safety, and stress. Read the Report

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