Point-of-Use Inventory Management Made Easy

Syft’s procedural point-of-use supply chain management solutions provide clinicians with automation tools so they can spend less time managing inventory and more time caring for patients. With integrated barcode scanning and hand-held support for mobility, Syft Synergy automates and streamlines what would otherwise be manual workflows leading to greater efficiency and margins in high value, high volume procedural areas.

Key Benefits of More Efficient Clinical Inventory Management

  • Accurate inventory levels
  • Less time searching for and counting supplies
  • Reduced open and unused supplies
  • Automated charge capture and documentation in ORIS
  • Automated bill-only implant documentation in EHR/ERP

Learn how Syft and Zebra accurately capture procedural case costs

Real-Time Data Analytics Improve Point-of-Use and Perioperative Efficiencies

Beyond our point-of-use supply chain automation solutions, the Syft Synergy platform offers a robust suite of intuitive dashboards and reports that help clinical and business leaders easily identify areas of improvement such as supply standardization, cost reduction, and more.

Popular Procedural Point-of-Use Dashboards and Analytics

Cost Optimization

Leverage real-time data to more effectively manage and reduce procedural costs and physician cost variance.

Process Optimization

Optimizes frequency of cycle counts and cart counts leading to greater labor efficiency, streamlines the transfer of supplies between departments, and improves charge capture processes.

Inventory Level Optimization

Actionable insights assists in adjusting inventory levels based on supply utilization velocity and turnover.

Point-of-Use Technologies + Perioperative Analytics = Total Supply Chain Visibility

Consider pairing Syft’s point-of-use solutions with additional perioperative dashboards to gain greater insight into actual supply usage. Learn More About Syft’s Perioperative Dashboards and Analytics

Enhanced Visibility of Supplies at the Point-of-Use

Supply chain, clinical, and other hospital leaders at EvergreenHealth agreed that they needed a more efficient approach to supply chain management in order to keep up with their clinical and operational responsibilities. Learn why EvergreenHealth selected Syft in our latest case study.


2-Bin Kanban Inventory Management Solution

Learn how nurses at a large 10-hospital health system are using the Syft 2-Bin Kanban system…and loving it!

Lab Supply Management

With automated alerts and replenishment processes that provide full visibility into the supply chain, Syft increases the efficiency and accuracy of lab supply and reagent tracking and monitoring.

Key benefits include:
  • Expired and nearing expiration product alerts
  • Product recall alerts
  • Change lot management including vendor non-compliance notifications
  • Automated replenishment
  • Configurable alerts, notifications and standard reports as needed

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Popular Perioperative Point-of-Use Dashboards and Analytics

  • Physician Item Utilization and Cost Variance
  • Physician Benchmarking
  • Preference Card Optimization
  • Demand Forecasting

Bridging the Integration Gap

Syft bridges data gaps with integration to the hospital’s EHR, ERP, ORIS, and other systems. Integrations Learn More About the Syft Synergy Platform

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