Decedent Management and Tracking

Automated, Coordinated, and Compliant Post-Mortem Care

Safe handling of deceased patients is a complex, but essential task. Hospitals must comply with facility, city, state, and federal requirements, and they must avoid errors related to the handling of deceased patients. Syft enables hospitals to automatically track, accurately document, and easily monitor the flow of deceased patients internally and to external entities. Watch the Video

Syft awarded decedent management agreement with Premier

Syft allows Premier members, at their discretion, to take advantage of special pricing and terms pre-negotiated by Premier for Syft’s decedent management and tracking solution built on the Syft Synergy enterprise supply chain management platform. Press Release

Leveraging a Supply Chain Platform to Manage Hospital Decedent Affairs

In the fall of 2019, one of our long-time customers presented us with a question that would ultimately inspire us to develop a very unique solution. The big question was, “Can we configure your supply automation platform for decedent management and tracking?” Read Article

The Unrealized Value of Managing Patients After Death in the Hospital

Learn the top three key benefits that establishing an Office of Decedent Affairs (ODA) and prioritizing decedent management provides hospitals, patients, and patient family members. Read Article

Pharmacy Inventory Services

Let us scope it out

Syft pharmacy inventory services help leaders fully understand the scope of their inventory through technology-enabled inventory counts and actionable reports. Learn More Read Brochure

The Inventory Diaries: Savings Hiding in Plain Sight

Each year, Syft’s Inventory Service Team visits more than 600 hospitals and other health facilities. Their work is much more than providing accurate inventory counts. Often, they shed light on critical information that saves hospitals money and leads to higher quality care. This blog series, written by the Inventory Service Team, shares those stories:

  1. Discovering Nearly $200k Worth of Expired Products at One Hospital
  2. Uncovering Safety and Compliance Problems at One Hospital
  3. Value-Added Inventory Services Bring Hospitals Significant Benefits
  4. How We Found $46 Million in Hidden Value at One Hospital

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