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Configurable reporting

KPI Dashboard

We are looking into ways to surface KPIs into a customizable dashboard. This allows users to surveil — in real time — efficiencies and operations and identify problems as they are occurring.

Configurable reports

We are actively testing a customizable reporting solution that allows users to visualize and modify reports, add or remove data elements, metrics, and filters, and organize and structure information as a situation warrants. We aim to provide a central hub that aggregates data across systems and offers complete, real-time information with flexible, customized reporting capability.

KPI Dashboard

We are looking into ways to surface KPIs into a customizable dashboard allowing users to real time surveillance of efficiency and operations. That answers question about the current situation as well as track initiatives

Configurable reports

Actively testing a customizable reporting solution with charts and tables. Users will be able to add and remove data elements, metrics, filters as needed in this simple to use but powerful data tool. Testing with Advanced and users new to data oriented tracking generating a design that first both types of users needs. When users make something that is really useful they can save it, share it, and even promote specific metrics up to key dashboards.

Configurable reporting is another big step in our mission to transform and modernize healthcare supply chain management.

Future of Supply Chain Management

Descriptive Analytics

Aggregates and synthesizes data source

Displays data in configurable and visual dashboards and reports

Correlates data to operational performance metrics

Diagnostic Analytics

Performs surveillance on data

Diagnoses problems

Presents user with causal analysis

Predictive Analytics

Correlates historical patterns to predict future performance outcomes

Notifies users when events that need preparation and planning are about to occur

Prescriptive Analytics

Calculates and recommends highest impact solution to improve key performance metrics

Guides users to gold standard performance and process KPIs

Cognitive Analytics

Leverages machine learning to fully automate supply chain management and for real-time performance optimization

Join our configurable reports testing groups and help shape the future of healthcare supply chain management.
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