Tissue and Implant Tracking

The Syft-TrackCore partnership provides improved tissue and implant tracking, improved supply management along with adherence to regulatory requirements. BROCHURE

Tissue and Implant Management: How it Works

Syft Synergy streamlines supply-related workflows across hospitals and enterprise health systems. The integration with TrackCore, the market leader in tissue management, our platform solution now includes comprehensive tissue and implant management processes. The joint solution helps hospitals adhere to safe and compliant workflows for biological tissues and implants along with non-biologic items such as synthetic mesh from dock-to-doc.

Key Features and Functions Realized Through our TrackCore Integration

Tissue and implant tracking

Regulatory “quality checks” to include package and item-level compliance check points

Hard stops for quality check failures

EHR and ERP integrations for supply management, clinical documentation, and billing

Secure RFID-enabled enclosures for automated chain-of-custody tracking

Benefits of Tissue and Implant Tracking

  • Automated tissue implant tracking processes
  • Improved internal and external regulatory compliance
  • POU reports available
  • Prevention of supply loss and waste
  • Greater patient safety
  • Improved staff satisfaction
  • Automated vendor credentials (FDA, ATTB, Usage Records, etc.)