Hospital Inventory Services for Vizient Members

Syft’s hospital inventory service provides accurate point-in-time inventory counts and valuations whenever you need them, including for mid-year and year-end reporting. TOP ATTRIBUTES FOR CLINICAL INVENTORY TOP ATTRIBUTES FOR PHARMACY INVENTORY GET STARTED

Let Us Scope It Out: Enhanced Visibility, Reduced Waste

In the last decade alone, Syft conducted over 9,200 inventory counts at hospitals across the country, totaling over $15 billion in inventory valued. Syft’s professional hospital inventory solutions help supply chain, finance, pharmacy, and perioperative leaders fully understand the scope of their inventory through technology-enabled inventory counts and accurate and actionable reports. The result is an itemized and auditable inventory. READ BROCHURE

Savings Hiding in Plain Sight

Inventory services is much more than providing accurate inventory counts. Our inventory team provides critical information that saves hospitals money and leads to higher quality care. Read our inventory diaries blog series to learn more.

The Inventory Diaries: Blog Articles

Ensure compliance, reduce liability from vendor managed consigned items

Reduce disruption in supply chain and patient care activities

Minimize overtime associated with in-house inventory

Reduce risk of expired products used in patient care

Prevent over-stocking and over-ordering

Identify inventory storage locations

Spot potential hoarding

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