How it Works

Scan, Tap, and Go

Our solution extends clinical systems’ capabilities by enabling an enterprise-wide mobility solution that integrates and updates ERP and EHR systems in real time. With Syft Synergy, hospitals gain complete traceability, visibility, and accuracy of all supplies and resources. Video: Driving Business OptimizationVideo: Day in the Life of a Supply


Accurate Tracking

Easily record the delivery, movement, and consumption of supplies to improve efficiency, ensure accuracy and traceability, and optimize cycle count.

Efficient Workflows

Streamline delivery management and cart count processes, including support for multiple replenishment methods; easily capture product ID, PO, and lot serial numbers; and quickly identify and verify locations.

Lower Costs

Cut waste, reduce costs, and improve productivity by automating pick lists and capturing accurate consumption charges in your EHR/ERP, evaluating case costs and variances by procedure and by physician, and improving OR and procedure throughput.

Enterprise-Wide Visibility

Syft integrates with your EHR, ERP, MMIS, or ORIS to help you bridge gaps and gain more insight and control over your supply chain.

Zebra Hardware Components

TC51/52 and TC70 Touch Computers

Mobile workflows, barcode scanning, voice and data—all in one device

ZT230 Thermal-Transfer Barcode Printer

Compact yet rugged warehouse device for high-volume label printing

DS8178 Barcode Scanners

Seamless 1D/2D barcode capture with medical-grade and germ-resistant design

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Top Syft/Zebra Efficiency Improvements


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