A Bite-Sized Approach to Enterprise-Wide Supply Chain Efficiency Improving the bottom line at every step

Fierce Healthcare On-Demand Webinar

Optimizing the supply chain across an enterprise is no small order – which is why many hospitals report success with a phased approach. This on-demand webinar shows how. In this panel discussion with industry experts, Dave Graul, Director of Supply Chain Management at Rady Children’s Hospital, shares the benefits his hospital has realized thanks to a phased approach.

As COVID-19-related financial losses mount and pressure to improve the bottom line increases, hospitals and health systems are turning to supply chain optimization to improve margins and reduce waste. This is not surprising, given that supply chain expenses form the second largest expense category after labor, according to Medical Care Research and Review.

Key takeaways will include how to:

  • Initiate a phased supply chain optimization initiative
  • Use supply chain optimization to reduce waste and improve efficiency
  • Ease the transition for supply chain, clinical staff, and hospital leadership

Featured Speakers

  • Dave Graul Director of Supply Chain Management Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego
  • Lee Smith, RNFA, BSN, MBA Vice President of Clinical Solutions Syft
  • Brion Bailey Chief Commerical Officer Syft
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