Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Why did Management Health Solutions (MHS) change its name to Syft®?

For twenty years, Management Health Solutions (now Syft®) offered inventory services, Master Data Management services, and supply chain software. Today, we offer an enterprise platform solution for health systems to include all of the former offerings plus clinical applications and analytics to help hospitals control supply costs. As we began to consolidate all product brands into a single platform solution (Syft Synergy® platform), we felt the time was right to modernize our corporate identity to Syft®.

What does Syft mean and why spell it with a “Y”?

By definition, “Sift” means to ‘examine (something) thoroughly so as to isolate that which is most important or useful’. To us, Syft represents our ability to help hospitals find savings in an enormous sea of inventory and data.

Notice the spelling with a “Y” and not an “I” and the slight tilt at the bottom of the “Y” in our new logo. This is a visual representation of a funnel further illustrating our ability to sift through the hospital’s massive amounts of inventory and create meaningful and actionable analytics from it.

What is Syft’s new tagline?

Syft offers a platform solution that provides visibility and control of all supply-related activities from the warehouse to the point-of-use. The Syft Synergy platform isn’t your traditional supply chain solution. The value of our platform extends into clinical settings including procedural areas, operating rooms, nursing floors, and more. Our solutions improve the daily lives of supply chain leaders and clinicians such as perioperative leaders, nursing staff, and physicians. With this, “Smarter Clinical Supply Chain” became our tagline of choice.

What is the Syft Synergy platform?

An alternative to products that work in silos to manage supply-related activities, Syft Synergy is a comprehensive platform of software and services. The Syft Synergy® platform gives supply chain and clinical staff visibility into products being used across the entire health system including those within perioperative and procedural areas and nursing floors. This enables supply chain and healthcare leaders to optimize business and operational processes and control supply spend. With bi-directional integration to clinical, operational, and administrative systems, Syft Synergy extends the value of the EHR, ERP, MMIS, and ORIS by supporting real-time supply consumption activities and automating documentation.

Why name the platform Syft Synergy®?

When it comes to supply chain management, a holistic approach is best. We believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Therein lies the strength of the Syft Synergy® platform. Unlike point solutions that provide features and functions for a specific set of problems, Syft Synergy is a singular, enterprise platform that aligns clinical and business optimization goals across the entire health system. With the platform’s ability to create synergies across the entire health system, we felt “Syft Synergy” was the perfect platform name.

How is the popular MHS @Par software affected by the rebrand?

All @Par functionality is incorporated into the new Syft Synergy platform. A key advantage to hospitals that rely on the Syft Synergy platform is that they can now use a single solution/single vendor to manage all supply-related activities from the warehouse to the clinical point-of-use.

Key components of the Syft Synergy platform include:

• Master Data Management Services • Inventory Services • End-to-End Supply Chain Management Software • Actionable Insights

How will the rebrand impact the roadmap for the products we’ve licensed with MHS/Syft?

We will continue to deliver software and service innovation, insights, and value in clinical supply chain management. In fact, we will soon release Syft Synergy version 4.0 with exciting new functionality. Additionally, we’re working on implementing a strong Voice of the Customer Program – including a Product Advisory Board – to ensure we understand what’s important to our customers and to continue to improve the customer experience. These insights will help steer the direction of our product roadmap and functional requirements. If you are interested in participating in our Voice of the Customer Program please contact Steve Herz – Vice President of Product, (before January 28, 2019), (after January 28, 2019).

Are the solutions I have licensed from MHS/Syft changing?

Your software/services will continue without interruption; however, customers can expect to see new logo changes and colors within the applications they are using. We have exciting future plans to further enhance the user experience. If you are interested in participating in our usability testing group to help shape the future of the Syft Synergy platform please contact Steve Herz – Vice President of Product, (before January 28, 2019), (after January 28, 2019).

Has MHS been purchased? Are you merging with another company? Are there new owners / leadership?

There are no changes to the ownership of Management Health Solutions (now Syft). However, in 2018 we announced that Todd Plesko would serve as the new Chief Executive Officer of Syft. Todd brings deep entrepreneurial and executive experience, having founded and led several successful healthcare technology companies. You can read his full bio at (live January 28, 2019).

Our talented leadership team has a combined 200+ years working directly in healthcare. Furthermore, Syft enjoys an impressive average employee tenure of nearly 12 years. We proudly boast these statistics which are rare in the industry. Go to (live January 28, 2019) for bios on all Syft executives.

Where is your company headquartered?

Syft headquarters will remain at:

99 Hawley Lane Suite 1201 Stratford, CT 06614 Phone: 888.647.4621

We have additional locations in Tampa, FL and international locations in India.

Will the MHS website change?

The MHS brand will dissolve over time including the MHS website, The MHS site will remain live until June 2019. Our new website is and will be live on January 28, 2019.

How can I learn more?

Go to (on/after January 28, 2019) to read the full press release announcing our new identity.

Product Support / Customer Service Questions

How will this affect customer service?

For the time being, your point of contact(s) does not change; however, for the benefit of our customers, our team of associates is growing as we move to an enhanced customer-centric support model. We have added associates in most departments including dedicated Account Managers, Project Managers, Product Managers, and more.

Will this impact our current level of support provided by Syft and do we need to sign new support contracts?

No. There will be no impact on the support being provided and new contracts are not necessary.

Will the management of our implementation process be changed in any way?

We are changing some processes for the benefit of our customers to include additional project management support, better documentation, and collaboration tools for communicating pre/during/post deployment. We will communicate any and all changes as applicable.

Invoice / Payment Questions

If I have an outstanding bill with MHS, how will the name change effect the remittance process? We do not expect changes or modifications to bill payment as Management Health Solutions, Inc. will remain our legal, registered name. We will now simply be operating (i.e., “doing business as”) as Syft. Will I need to resubmit invoices reflecting the new company name? No. Any invoices already received or future invoices for existing contracts that use the legal company name will be processed in the normal course of business. Will there be a new remittance address? No, the remittance address will stay the same as our corporate office location is not changing. Will there be a new Tax ID number? No, our Tax ID number will remain the same. Where can I get a new W-9 form? We will provide updated W-9 forms when requested. Again, our legal name has not changed and will now be listed as: Management Health Solutions, Inc. d/b/a Syft. What if I need an updated COI reflecting the new company name? We can reissue any COI required as requested.  

Contact Questions

Who can I contact for inquiries or to share comments? Please tell us what you think! We’d love to hear from you. You may submit general questions/comments to (before January 28, 2019), (on/after January 28, 2019) or call 888.647.4621. Will Syft employees have new email addresses? Yes. The structure for new emails is the first letter of first name + last name + For example, the email for Whitney St. Pierre, Vice President of Marketing, is That said, will redirect to emails indefinitely for ease of communication. Who is my sales contact? The below territory maps identify the Vice President of Sales and Account Manager for each region. Feel free to reach out directly to learn more about the Syft Synergy platform, our 4.0 release, product roadmap, and more. Note: emails will be active on January 28, 2019. MHS now Syft VP Sales Regions MHS now Syft AM Sales Regions
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