Hospitals can’t afford to ignore supply chain optimization

  • Supplies account for 1/3 of overall operating expenses Source
  • Supplies predicted to surpass labor costs by 2020 Source
  • Hospitals could save $11 million annually with supply chain management (SCM) Source

Healthcare Leaders Weigh in on Supply Chain Management

Current Issues
  • 15% Missing the right technology or workflows to reduce OR supply waste
  • 27% Not tracking margins per case in the OR or are using low-tech tools
  • 76% Perform only basic SCM functions such as tracking inventory
  • 18% Don’t analyze their supply chain AT ALL
  • 61% Say that surgical supply costs attributable to physician preference cards
  • 50% Can proactively manage expired goods
  • 98% Believe supply chain analytics can positively impact costs
  • 87% Believe better SCM can improve margins more than 1%
  • 10% Report surgical delays from missing supplies which could be avoided with advanced functionality
  • 38% Report a single platform with intuitive dashboard and analytics has most positive impact on operations
  • 86% Improving SCM can improve care quality
  • 37% Supply chain analytics would positively impact regulatory adherence