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This is a quote from one of our user testing sessions where a user is talking about the problem and asking for the solution. It will probably be a few lines long. Justin has these in the transcripts from the user tests themselves.

Lengthy And Costly Training And Onboarding

With high turnover rates for supply techs and complex cart count processes, hospitals spend too much time and resources pizon training and onboarding.

Non-Customizable Settings

Supply chain managers can’t adjust cart count settings to meet unique hospital or supply tech needs.

Time-Consuming And Confusing Processes

Completing counts requires navigating an unnecessarily complex and cluttered interface.

What is the hardest thing about training new users?

How Syft Approached The Problem

Syft’s underlying methodology when creating new solutions and upgrading current ones is to seek input directly from our customers. We start the process by asking about their challenges and pain points so that we can create the best solution possible.This is the approach we used for enhancing our cart count solution, and once we gained feedback from our customer user group, we applied what we learned to create multiple prototype solutions. Then, customers shared their input again, and we continued to refine the prototypes until we exceeded everyone’s expectations. Once we launched the enhanced solution, we continued to obtain and apply customers’ input and recommendations for further refinements.

A better way

The Enhanced Cart Count Solution

The image at right will show the solution in the appropriate device. As the user continues to scroll, the call outs on the right side will change. The screen may also change if we need to show more than one screen.

These paragraphs will finish the story of the solution that resulted from the user testing process, and describe an overview of the features that will be highlighted with the call outs to the right.

It can be up to three paragraphs long, but shouldn’t get too wordy or people won’t take the time to read it.

Similar Enhancements Solve Other Challenges

Other User-Guided Solutions

With the valuable input received from our customers, we regularly develop new and enhanced solutions. For more about our customer-guided process and the solutions we’ve created as a result, check out these examples:

Cart Count & Mobile
Efficient Education And Reduced Labor Costs
Cart Count & Mobile
Efficient Education And Reduced Labor Costs
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