Press Release : Syft® Further Expands Presence in Canada as Supply Chain Challenges Continue to Disrupt Health Systems

New sales VP will be focused exclusively on the Canadian market

Tampa, FL, November 18, 2021 – (PR Newswire) Syft,® a leading provider of AI-enhanced inventory control and end-to-end hospital supply chain management software and services, has announced an increased focus on providing solutions to hospitals and health systems throughout Canada, as COVID-19-related supply chain problems continue to worsen.

“Like US-based health systems, Canadian health systems are facing a tremendous backlog of elective surgeries and experiencing an unprecedented amount of nursing vacancies,” said Todd Plesko, CEO, Syft. “These challenges are exacerbated by an underprepared and underprioritized supply chain. We look forward to our continued expansion into Canada and partnering with more hospital clients throughout all provinces to help them create stronger supply chain processes.”

With nearly 350 associates, Syft has a deep bench of supply chain and clinical experts to support its continued expansion into Canada. Also as part of Syft’s enhanced prioritization of the Canadian market, Michael Weisnagel has joined the company as VP of Sales for Canada. In this role, he will oversee growth strategy throughout the country. With more than 30 years of technology sales experience, he brings a passion for enterprise solutions and collaborative clinical platforms.

“Increasing Syft’s presence across all Canadian provinces will help hospitals fortify against this pandemic and any future supply chain disruptions,” said Weisnagel. “Our Syft Synergy platform improves efficiency, accuracy, and demand forecasting through automation, data analytics, and point-of-use solutions. We also help hospitals successfully adopt the Clinically Integrated Supply Outcomes Model (CISOM), which was created by the Healthcare Information Management and Systems Society (HIMSS).”

Syft has also announced that its Chief Nursing Officer Lee Smith, DHA, MBA, BSN, RFNA, will be presenting at the HIMSS Ontario Chapter Innovation Conference on November 24. Her presentation will provide hospitals with strategies for creating a supply chain that prioritizes clinical workflow efficiency and visibility.

Supply chain fractures and financial woes are worsening in both the United States and Canada,” said Smith. “Outdated systems, manual processes, limited and unreliable data are just a few factors that are contributing to poor supply chain visibility and increased expenses. It’s imperative for hospitals to improve their supply chain processes so that they can thrive in the present and future.”

About Syft®

Syft® enables enterprise-wide inventory management through a powerful combination of services, automation tools, and real-time data analytics. The comprehensive Syft Synergy® platform eliminates the need for multiple point solutions and facilitates immediate supply savings with a range of capabilities including master data management, inventory services, supply chain management software, analytics, and advanced reporting. Founded in 1999, Syft is used by more than 245 customers (970 U.S. hospitals) to control costs, processes, and productivity across the entire organization. For more information, visit Syft at

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