Press Release : Syft Launches Version 4.5 of its Syft Synergy Platform

A new mobile user interface and experience plus new features support more efficient hospital inventory and supply chain management processes.

Tampa, FL – June 8, 2022 – (PR Newswire) – Syft®, a subsidiary of GHX and a leading national provider of healthcare inventory control and end-to-end supply chain management software and services, today released Syft Synergy™ 4.5. Enhancements to the supply chain management software platform include a redesigned mobile app interface that simplifies processes for receiving and distribution of supplies. This mobile app re-design will also be offered to clinical users in the next Syft Synergy release scheduled for later this year. Syft Synergy 4.5 also includes new features and functionality for clinical users at the point of use.

“As part of our commitment to continually raising the bar for supply chain management, we partner closely with our customers to gain a deeper understanding of their needs,” said Steve Herz, Executive Director of Product, Syft. “The enhancements made in version 4.5 are a direct result of our Voice of Customer program, through which our customers share feedback as well as have the opportunity to test potential new features and upgrades prior to the official app release.”

“The 4.5 enhancements will significantly improve supply chain management efficiencies for healthcare organizations,” said Todd Plesko, Syft General Manager. “Users can stay focused on the task at hand because the software now helps them see and touch only those tasks that are relevant to them and their role. They can more easily identify what they need to do next, whether that’s completing a task or starting the next one. As a further benefit of these improvements, we believe our hospital partners will experience more employee satisfaction which can lead to higher workforce retention, improved productivity, more reliable inventory data, and reduced costs.”

A few key enhancements of the newly redesigned mobile app for supply chain users are listed below and more can be found online.

  • Uncluttered screens and quick taps on floating buttons help users quickly complete tasks and meet global functionality standards.
  • A customizable keyboard and calculation fields allows users to input and see only information that is relevant for the task.
  • Tasks organized and grouped by status that are filed in collapsible subdividers keep the screen view clean, ensuring optimized user productivity.

Additional enhancements with Syft Synergy 4.5 include:

  • License plates scanning for pallets: Now users can more easily receive and manage bundled purchase orders and associated items with Syft’s new license plate scanning and recognition functionality.
  • Ad hoc stock requests: One-off orders can be generated quickly from locations with perpetual inventory, including stockrooms, to help improve supply replenishment processes.
  • Enhanced clinical and point-of-use features: Automated data integration for implant trays and enhanced implant descriptions, user dashboards, and implant action-mapping are among new features that streamline workflows–including clinician case level documentation. Other enhancements improve case and supply tracking and provide new integrations with single sign on (SSO) technologies to save clinicians time during login.

Visit the Syft website for more information about these enhancements and others and the benefits they provide.

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