Press Release : Syft® Releases its 4.0 Syft Synergy® Platform

Syft Synergy takes clinical supply chain management to the next level with new smart technologies for point-of-use tracking, demand forecasting, and other features

Stratford, CT – February 26, 2019 (PR Newswire)– A leading national provider of healthcare inventory control and end-to-end supply chain cost management software and services, Syft® today released Syft Synergy® 4.0. The release provides new and enhanced functionality for clinicians and supply chain leaders, including the ability to optimize operating room workflows, demand forecasting reports for materials purchasing planning, custom reports, and updates to improve maintenance and support.

A significant component of 4.0 is Syft’s innovative and unique way of recording supply utilization. This new solution significantly improves accuracy, efficiency and workflow in the OR by enabling barcode scanning for EHR systems while allowing the circulating nurse to continue working within their EHR rather than switching back and forth between systems. This improves user satisfaction in addition to allowing the hospital to easily and accurately capture materials consumption, providing greater cost insight and control.

Other significant enhancements in the 4.0 release include:

  • Procedure Demand Forecasting – Using machine learning techniques and time series methods to forecast procedure and inventory demand.
  • Data Access Connector – An optimized reporting database that allows clients to create custom reports with a local BI tool.
  • Web Client Upgrade – Migration of all Procedural Point-of-Use and Perioperative Point-of-Use client/server solutions to a web client for ease of deployment, maintenance, support, and improved user satisfaction.
  • Reference Database Integration – Users gain access to the Syft reference database with more than two million standard items including GTIN, UNSPSC, and average pricing information.

The Syft Synergy 4.0 announcement comes on the heels of another important milestone. In January, the company announced its new corporate name as Syft (formerly Management Health Solutions, Inc.) and the launch of a unified Syft Synergy platform of software and services (former software solutions were @Par and Case Cost 360).

“The rebrand was driven in part by significant developments to our solution suite,” said Todd Plesko, Syft CEO. “While we started as an inventory services company, we now have the most comprehensive clinical supply chain management platform in the hospital and provider market. Beyond our original service offerings, the Syft Synergy platform includes clinical point-of-use applications and actionable insights that help to optimize supply-related activities for the enterprise and reduce supply spend – a major concern for every health system as experts forecast supply chain costs will eclipse labor as the new number one cost in healthcare by 2020[1].”

[1] 7 supply chain predictions for healthcare in 2019


About Syft® (Formerly Management Health Solutions)

Syft® enables enterprise-wide inventory management through a powerful combination of services, automation tools, and real-time data analytics. The comprehensive Syft Synergy® platform eliminates the need for multiple point solutions and facilitates immediate supply savings with a range of capabilities including master data management, inventory services, supply chain management software, analytics, and advanced reporting. Founded in 1999, Syft is used by more than 500 U.S. hospitals and health systems to control costs, processes, and productivity across the entire organization. For more information, visit Syft at

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