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Healthcare’s Big Shift: Move over EHR. When it comes to massive systems, ERP wins.

3 Minute Read – Hospitals have learned hard lessons over the years, and many are facing a technology hangover – making it less desirable to choose from the growing list of health IT solutions for operational, financial and clinical improvement. But innovation doesn’t stop, and the evolution of good, better, and best technology doesn’t either. This holds especially true for enterprise resource planning (ERP).

Healthcare presents its own unique challenges, but like other industries, ERP touches an organization’s financials, supply chain management, human capital management – it’s a massive system. In hospitals, the ERP is much more massive, you could argue, than the EHR.

A Fundamental Shift is Underway: Got app?

Cloud-based applications have become the new standard, but while cloud technology has been around for at least a decade, many in the healthcare industry are still using on-premise environments. For hospitals and large integrated delivery networks, this technology that was once bleeding-edge has more recently made it tough to stay up to speed with rapid changes. There is a fundamental shift underway. This move to cloud ushers in a new era of application ecosystems with real-time updates, versus the traditional customizations and occasional updates to client-server models. A new system. New architecture. Therefore, an opportunity to do it right from the onset.

At Syft, we’re committed to helping our customers expedite their shift to a cloud-based supply chain management solution that’s built specifically for healthcare organizations. We announced this week that Syft and our Synergy platform solution is now integrated with Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud and is available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. With increased reliance on the application layer, we’re creating a more efficient and integrated, warehousing, distribution, and clinical supply chain experience for our customers across the entire enterprise as they make this transition to the cloud.

Reliance on the “glue,” or application layer, is growing. As Oracle gains momentum in shifting clients from PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud, Syft is proud and excited to be a partner in this movement, to be the “glue layer” for users. We are the first application ecosystem vendor to be Oracle Cloud certified that is 100 percent exclusive to healthcare.

Cloud Application Growth Curve: Are you a Mountain Climber or Base Dweller?

Healthcare has very specific needs and demands, of which Syft is intimately knowledgeable. We have developed our platform, for more than a decade, to fit those specific needs and add value to both the EHR and ERP where it’s most needed.

We’re probably still two years out from the base of the big cloud application growth curve, but the mountain is coming – and we’re headed right for it. The question for hospital leaders is, do I sit at the base of the mountain, or do I become a mountain climber?

Watch the Syft Synergy Demo

Todd Plesko Chief Executive Officer

Todd Plesko brings deep entrepreneurial and executive experience, having founded and led several successful healthcare technology companies. As CEO of triPRACTIX, he grew the business to become one of the nation’s largest GE Centricity™ resellers. He then founded and was Chairman and CEO of Extension Healthcare, a spin out of triPRACTIX. Extension provided over 270 hospital customers with a robust clinical integration and caregiver communications solution. The company was acquired by Vocera Communications in 2016, where Mr. Plesko served as Vice President of Product Strategy, guiding all aspects of product management, development, and direction for Vocera’s industry-leading clinical communications platform. Previous experience also includes being Chief Information Officer at a large, multi-site healthcare provider organization.

Mr. Plesko holds a BA from Central Michigan University and an MBA from Indiana Institute of Technology.

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