How to Rapidly Fortify Your Supply Chain Before the Next COVID-19 Wave: THE STEPS EVERY HOSPITAL SHOULD BE TAKING

American Hospital Association On-Demand Webinar

With COVID-19 projected to cost U.S. hospitals $200 billion, according to the AHA, and a second wave likely coming this fall, hospitals must quickly fortify their operations to recover and prepare.

During this webinar, hospital supply chain and industry leaders, including Jim Churchman, VP of System Supply Chain at MedStar Health based in Baltimore, will share specific steps every hospital should be taking to create a more resilient, proactive, and revenue-enhancing supply chain that can withstand future disruptions (such as a second COVID-19 surge, seasonal influenza outbreak, natural or man-made disasters, or other event).

Key takeaways will include how to:

  • Regain lost margins and reduce waste, particularly in the OR
  • Create adequate contingency plans for significant disruptions, including the key elements that should be included related to a second COVID-19 wave
  • Optimize current supply chain management practices to ensure a more effective response to supply chain disruptions
  • Use AI-based analytics and demand forecasting to ensure your hospital is prepared
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