Reimaging the Supply Chain: Why Wait for the Next Crisis?

Becker’s Hospital Review On-Demand Webinar

COVID-19 has placed unprecedented strain on every aspect of the healthcare system, and the supply chain is no exception. While no hospital could have fully anticipated a disruption of this magnitude, the pandemic highlights the urgent need for all hospitals to improve their supply chain management practices.

During this webinar, hospital supply chain and industry leaders will share how hospitals can optimize supply chain management and experience significant benefits as a result, including enhanced collaboration between clinical and supply chain teams, improved patient safety and efficiency, and higher revenue. Presenters will provide discrete steps and action items, and Jim Churchman, Vice President of System Supply Chain at MedStar Health, will share the changes the large multi-location health system is making to optimize supply chain management and prepare for future disruptions.

Key takeaways will include how to:

  • Regain lost margins, reduce waste, and improve revenue post COVID-19
  • Improve collaboration between clinical and supply chain teams
  • Prepare for future disruptions with AI-based analytics and demand forecasting

Becker’s Webinar Review: MedStar Health and Syft aren’t waiting for another national crisis to fix the supply chain — 3 things to know

“We’re bringing technological tools to the forefront and using real-time analytics to support our physicians and clinical teams… This has helped strengthen our clinical partnerships by making sure [clinicians] have what they need when they’re at the patient’s bedside.”

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