Valuable Insights from Healthcare Leaders

Sage Growth Partners (SGP) recently conducted a survey of 100 healthcare C-suite and supply chain leaders on our behalf to learn how healthcare leaders responsible for supply chain management view its potential value; what their priorities, existing capabilities and challenges are; and what solutions they use to analyze and manage their supply chain costs.

Supply Chain Top of Mind for Executives

CEOs’ chief concerns have shifted from driving more revenue in 2017 to cutting costs in 2018,1 and as supply chain costs begin surpassing labor costs by 2020,2 healthcare executives can no longer afford to ignore opportunities to optimize supply chain management. Download Market Report

Better Supply Chain Management Can Improve Margins

52% say better supply chain management can increase margins by at least 1 to 3%. To put this in perspective, a hospital with $900 million in revenues and a 1% margin of $9 million could gain between $9M and $27M by improving its supply chain performance. See the Statistics

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Industry Reception to the Sage Report

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