GHX-Syft Adopts Salesforce Customer Support Portal

Frequently Asked Questions

Why has GHX-Syft adopted Salesforce as its new customer support platform?

Syft is now part of GHX, a long-time user of the Salesforce ticketing system. Moving from Freshdesk to Salesforce will allow GHX-Syft support teams to collaborate more efficiently and better serve our valued customers.

When will this transition happen and how can I prepare?

We will begin the transition to Salesforce on Friday, September 30, 2022, at 8:00 pm ET and officially go live on Monday, October 3, 2022, at 8:00 am ET.

You can learn more by watching this Customer Support and Case Management tutorial video.

Will my existing Freshdesk ticket(s) automatically rollover to Salesforce?

Yes, all existing Freshdesk tickets will be migrated to Salesforce.

How do I access Salesforce if I do not already have a GHX Salesforce username and password?

Navigate directly to the GHX Salesforce Community Portal, click ‘Login’, click ‘Forgot your password?’ and then enter your email address to reset your password.

How do I access Salesforce if I already have a GHX Salesforce customer support login?

If you are an existing GHX customer and already have access to the GHX Salesforce Community Portal, you will use the same credentials as long as they match the email you provided to Syft to gain initial access to Freshdesk. If your email is different than what you have used in the past for Freshdesk, please follow the steps from previous question.

How do I open a new support ticket?

A new support ticket can be entered in any of the following ways; however, it is recommended that you submit via the portal (option 1) to avoid follow-up questions.

How do I get information about my active / open support ticket(s)?

Go to the GHX Salesforce Community Portal, log in and click ‘Customer Support’. You can filter the viewable cases by clicking the down arrow.

Salesforce screenshot

Has Syft updated its Service Level Agreement?

Yes, with this transition to Salesforce, Syft has adopted the GHX Operational Level Agreement (OLA). An updated document can be provided upon request. The new timelines for Target Responses and Target Resolution are as follows:

Salesforce screenshot

[1] Target resolution timelines begin once the issue has been clearly identified and/or replicated. Please note that target resolution time is defined as how long it takes Syft to deliver a solution to the Customer. The documented target resolution timelines do not account for any development work that may be needed or the time it takes the Customer to implement the solution. If the solution requires development, the OLA is temporarily paused until development is completed and the solution is delivered to the Customer. To provide the quickest resolution time possible, Syft will expedite fix development for any Fatal Issue where development is required.

Who can I contact for more information?

Please email Nick Portillo, Director of GHX-Syft Support, at

Who is my dedicated account manager?

Please email for information pertaining to your account.

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