New in Syft Synergy 4.4 Optimize Inventory Levels, Prevent Stockouts, and Improve Patient Safety

The latest Syft Synergy 4.4 release is a nice blend of new features and functions that makes inventory management easier for supply chain staff and clinicians. The new enhancements provide better quality and inventory control measures that hospitals need to optimize inventory levels, prevent stockouts, and improve patient safety. SEE PRESS RELEASE

Tissue and Biologic Implant Tracking and Management Integration

Syft and TrackCore have developed a holistic solution for improved tissue and biologic implant tracking and management and adherence with regulatory requirements. More on this new integration

Lab Supply Management

Syft’s lab supply management solution increases the efficiency and accuracy of lab supply and reagent tracking and monitoring. Key benefits include expired, nearing expiration, and product recall alerts, change lot management including vendor non-compliance alerts, and many more. Learn more

2-Bin Kanban Inventory Management Solution

Syft’s new and unique Kanban inventory management offering includes PAR analysis, recommendations, and continual PAR replenishment; custom shelving design and construction; and product placement and labeling. See why nurses at a 10-hospital health system love it! Read blog Download overview

Dynamic Inventory Location Management

Syft’s “Anywhere Inventory” feature allows supply chain staff to quickly set up and manage temporary PAR inventory locations. This is especially helpful during surge events or in crisis situations but also during normal business operations when makeshift inventory locations are helpful.

And so much more…

Syft Synergy 4.4 is more than meets the eye. The list of new features and enhancements is long. Schedule time with a Syft sales representative to learn more about all of the new improvements including:

  • Implant tray management for improved case management and utilization tracking at the point of use
  • Improved processes for capturing and reporting patient charges/credits and for items returned or wasted during patient procedures
  • Enhanced item location allocation and prioritization for manual and auto-case picking to further optimize case-pick efficiency
  • And many more…

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