New in Syft Synergy Version 4.5 Optimized Workflows and Improved Ease-of-Use

We listen when our customers share their needs and ideas for improved efficiencies and streamlined processes. Our new Syft Synergy 4.5 release is a testament to our dedication to their success.

Through new features and an intuitive mobile app redesign, inventory management is simplified. Users can more easily access the information they need, when they need it, for rapid, informed decision making. READ BLOG

Introducing the New Syft Synergy Mobile App: A Fresh New UI/UX Driven by Real Customer Desires and Needs

We redesigned the Syft Synergy mobile app for supply chain users based on real customer feedback to optimize warehouse and distribution workflows. Uncluttered screens and task simplification reduces unnecessary steps and clicks creating a more efficient workforce. Watch Video Learn More

License Plate Scanning

Now users can easily receive and manage bundled purchase orders and associated items with Syft’s new license plate scanning and recognition functionality. Syft instantly communicates important item and PO information to the ERP to ensure it is always up to date and accurate. Read Blog

Ad Hoc Stock Requests

Creating and processing orders from PAR locations was always easy with Syft; now users can just as easily generate one-off orders from perpetual locations including stockrooms.

Enhanced Clinical and Point-of-Use Features

  • Automated data integration for implant trays allows custom configuration of data synchronization and implant inventory updates to the ERP.
  • Enhanced implant descriptions, user dashboards, and implant action-mapping provides nurses with greater clarity of implant items being utilized and optimizes documentation workflows.
  • Enhanced supply capture functionality allows nurses to create emergency and unscheduled cases, auto-case pick items from a preference card, edit physician or procedure mid-case, and reopen or modify closed cases.
  • Ability to filter reports on case stages and statuses improves case tracking.
  • Imprivata® best-in-class single sign-on saves clinicians time from multiple-system logins and brings up the user’s last session and opened systems for improved workflow.

Administrative Enhancements

  • Features for maintaining Item Reference data enable up-to-date management of item’s not found in the host ERP system and optimize replenishment processes.
  • Simplified printer setup and maintenance streamline printer model management, label formats, individual IP addresses, and support mobile app printing.
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