Critical Insights from Healthcare Leaders

For the second year in a row, Syft commissioned Sage Growth Partners to survey 100 hospital and supply chain leaders to learn more about their supply chain management priorities and challenges, and what changes they are planning to make in order to optimize their supply chain performance. Get the Waste Index 2020

Waste Index: 2020 Spotlight Finding: Leading Hospitals Add Cutting-Edge Technologies

As of February 2020, a small but growing number of hospitals are already reducing supply chain waste by implementing new and innovative technologies like demand-forecasting capabilities and complete enterprise-wide visibility. While less than half of survey respondents said their hospital currently uses supply chain management tools such as predictive analytics, most said their organization will use them by 2023. Get the Report

Key Findings in 2020

Download the Waste Index: 2020 for more key findings including:

  • Impact of supply chain management on quality and costs
  • Most commonly used supply chain management technologies
  • New supply chain management technologies hospitals plan to adopt by 2023

Potential Annual Savings: $8 Million $24 Million Per Hospital

Nearly all survey respondents said supply chain optimization reduces hospital costs, and three-quarters said it improves quality. In addition, more than half (56%) said better supply chain management could improve their hospital margins by 1% to 3%. To put these findings into perspective, a hospital with $800 million in revenues could gain between $8 million and $24 million by modestly improving its supply chain performance 1% to 3%. Calculate your savings

Supply Chain vs. Pandemics

COVID-19, and the serious challenges it has created for hospitals, shows just how critical an optimized supply chain is to ensure optimal patient care and staff safety. In order to thrive, and ensure they are better prepared for the next significant supply chain disruption, hospitals must adopt supply chain management tools such as predictive analytics as soon as possible.Contact us to learn more