Supply Chain Optimization Creates Significant Savings Opportunities

Explore hospital supply chain optimization and the growing role that machine learning (ML) and real-time data analytics play in enabling health systems to improve efficiencies and reduce supply variance and waste.DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER

Out with Homegrown Approaches, In with Artificial Intelligence

Learn how an intelligent point of use inventory system helps calculate cost variances by surgeon, procedure, and specialty.

Demand Forecasting Even More Intelligent as the Data Set Grows

Understand the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in improving clinical inventory demand forecasting.

“This extremely informative report highlights the strength of the artificial intelligence in your analytics.” VP of Information Technology, Integrated Healthcare System (Northeast U.S.)

Supplies at the Right Time, Right Place, Right Cost

Find out how AI in healthcare will revolutionize the OR and materials manager’s ability to plan for a deliver critical supplies at the right time, right place, and at the right cost.

Reduce Supply Waste, Improve Charge Capture, Increase Margins

See how inventory tracking software with machine learning and artificial intelligence helps hospitals realize cost savings through supply standardization, inventory level optimization, and accurate charge capture for item utilizationDOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER

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The Next Link in the Chain: How hospitals can use AI and real-time analytics to cut supply chain costs