8 ways to reduce your supply chain costs with the supply chain inventory optimization (SCIO) tool from Syft

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Supply standardization

Physician preference items (PPIs) can be 40-60% of your total supply cost. Save 5-10% by working with Syft to reduce supply variation and improve negotiating power with suppliers.

Expired/Recall management

Identify items before they expire and better manage product recalls to cut waste and appropriately use, return, or exchange supplies. Syft Synergy reduces the amount of expired and recalled products by at least 25%.

Labor efficiency

Reduce error-prone manual processes that add to costs by using the Syft Synergy solution to automate and simplify warehouse inventory management.


Reduce distribution costs using our closed-loop accounting of the inventory replenishment process for stock and non-stock supplies.

Clinical labor efficiency

Optimize supply chain staffing and free up clinicians to spend more time on patient care. Syft Synergy’s automated inventory management solution enables your hospital to save up to 90% by increasing supply chain efficiency.

Case cost capture

Prevent charge leakage, analyze spend by department, and eliminate charge capture errors. Leverage Syft Synergy to gain back revenue through improved charge capture processes and technologies.

OR throughput

Improve turnover time in the OR up to 10% and increase surgical case volumes. Use Syft Synergy to ensure supplies are readily available for procedures, preventing delays and disruption in the OR.

Procedural throughput

Automate inventory processes to prevent waste and improve workflows in high-volume procedural areas. Use Syft Synergy to improve inventory management at the point-of-use, increase case volumes and create new revenue opportunities.

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