Syft's Critical Services Spotlight:

Supply Chain Disruption Services
Incident surge recovery and long-term preparedness services

Incident surge services and solutions help hospitals recover from COVID-19 and ensure they are prepared for future supply chain disruptions.

Inventory Management Services
COVID-19-specific solutions and traditional offerings

Syft provides accurate point-in-time inventory for hospitals whenever they need it, including for mid- and year-end reporting. Syft’s COVID-19 inventory SWAT team is also available to come on-site and manage critical and time-sensitive tasks.

Perioperative Point-of-Use Services

Preference card optimization and standardization solutions help hospitals capture real-time materials utilization in the OR, reduce waste, and significantly increase margins.

Syft Synergy: A Holistic Platform That Enhances Visibility, Reduces Costs

A recent Guidehouse report found that optimized hospital supply chain management can reduce annual expenses by 22.6% annually, or $12.1 million per hospital. Syft Synergy, our platform-based solution, helps hospitals bridge the gaps and reduce waste, by providing total visibility and control of the supply chain. LEARN MORE ABOUT SYFT SYNERGY LEARN HOW SYFT INTEGRATES WITH EHRs, ERPs

Hospital Supply Chain Management: No Margin. No Mission.

Use our comprehensive budget justification model to receive a personalized report for your hospital's potential inventory savings. Calculate Savings

Reimagining the Healthcare Supply Chain: If Not Now, When?

The healthcare supply chain recovery playbook for the modern hospital or health system This playbook provides a three-phased, prescriptive approach to help hospitals recover from COVID-19 revenue losses, while at the same time fortifying their supply chains to ensure they are better prepared for the next significant disruption. READ THE PLAYBOOK

  1. PHASE 1 Normalize Operations and Improve Inventory Management
  2. PHASE 2 Regain Lost Margins and Improve Revenue
  3. PHASE 3 Fully Optimize the Chain with AI-Based Analytics and Demand Forecasting

Waste Index 2020: A Hospital Supply Chain Survey

Hospital supply chain leaders identify their biggest hospital supply chain management challenges, needs, and priorities moving forward. View Survey Findings

Oracle SCM Cloud Certified

Syft integrates with the Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud, enabling automatic updates and reducing the burden on hospital IT staff. Letter from the CEO

Streamlining Warehouse and Distribution

Our hospital supply chain management software enables complete traceability, visibility, and accuracy of supplies and resources. More

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