Press Release : Syft® Launches Syft UniversitySM Training Program to Improve Hospital and Health System Supply Chain Management

Leading healthcare supply chain services and software company’s new learning management system facilitates remote training

Tampa, FL – March 9, 2021 (PR Newswire) – Syft®, a leading national provider of healthcare inventory control and end-to-end supply chain cost management software and services, today announced that its innovative training program, Syft UniversitySM (Syft U), is fully operational. The program facilitates on-demand training for hospital staff using Syft Synergy®, its Supply Chain Management platform. The launch of Syft U is timely as many hospitals continue to restrict vendors from visiting their campuses for COVID-19-related reasons.

Recently launched, Syft U has already been used by 587 supply chain and clinical personnel in 21 hospitals across the country. This virtual learning environment provides secure access to training resources at the customer’s convenience, and allows individuals and teams to enroll and learn at their own pace with tailored learning experiences. It also streamlines the onboarding and training of new hospital staff and standardizes training for Syft Synergy users by role and/or department. The Syft U Sustainment Program also allows users to access relevant training materials beyond the initial Syft Synergy implementation to ensure their continued success as new versions of the software is released.

Michigan Medicine’s Supply Chain Business Systems Analyst, Maurice Flowers, says “Having this new virtual learning center makes it incredibly efficient to train and credential our teams. Our staff can use Syft U to easily access training materials any time and any place, using the learning approaches that work best for them.” Maurice adds, “It’s also an excellent way for our administrators to track who has been trained and ensure proficiency. That’s been especially valuable during the pandemic when staff are often working remotely.”

“We developed Syft U based on one of the best, most popular, and easy to use LMS available,” stated Dr. Michelle Frankich, Director of Training & Development-E-Learning at Syft. “During the pandemic, Syft U has provided a safe way to engage and train users, giving them a dedicated learning environment that includes video tutorials, user guides, proficiency checklists, quick reference guides, progress tracking, certifications, and assessment activities. It is also more efficient for Syft staff, centralizing all customer and internal training materials in a single location.”

Syft U courses cover various topics including product training for point-of-use supply capture, perioperative analytics, warehouse cycle counts and analytics, distribution cart counting and receiving, and decedent management to name a few. Courses are designed to benefit both clinical team members and supply chain staff, and a variety of other users that have engaged with the program so far. Common participants include directors of supply chain operations, directors of supply chain strategy, supply chain business analysts, nursing staff, OR and nursing managers, and others who utilize Syft Synergy in their respective areas of the hospital or health system.

Learn more about Syft U here and watch a video overview, here.


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