What is Syft U?

We know how hard your team works, and how difficult it can be to take on new projects and initiatives. That’s why we designed Syft to be easy to implement and use, and why we developed Syft U to provide hospitals with further support. Syft U is a learning management system that your team members can access on-demand at any time. Watch the Video

Benefits of Syft U

“Having this new virtual learning center makes it incredibly efficient to train and credential our teams. Our staff can use Syft U to easily access training materials any time and any place, using the learning approaches that work best for them. It’s also an excellent way for our administrators to track who has been trained and ensure proficiency. That’s been especially valuable during the pandemic when staff are often working remotely.”

Maurice Flowers, Supply Chain Business Systems Analyst at Michigan Medicine
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Participants Include:
  • Supply chain directors, managers, analysts
  • Nursing directors, managers, educators
  • Clinical staff, users
  • IT directors, project managers
  • EHR/ERP analysts

Evidence-Based Learning Developed by an Education Professional

Syft U was developed by Michelle Frankich, EdD, Director of Training and Development at Syft, and Adjunct Professor of Education at the University of Tampa. Dr. Frankich has worked in the instructional design and training industry for over 21 years, and has developed thousands of training courses. With a passion for virtual learning, she ensures Syft customers are equipped with the tools and knowledge they need for successful supply chain management.

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