Hospital Supply Chain Optimization from Dock-to-Doc

A recent Guidehouse report found that supply chain optimization can reduce annual expenses by 22.6% annually, or $12.1 million per hospital. Our hospital supply chain management platform helps hospitals bridge the gaps and reap savings. It provides total visibility and control of the supply chain. CALCULATE YOUR HOSPITAL’S POTENTIAL SAVINGS READ BROCHURE

Give Your Dream Team Their Dream Tool

  • Supply Chain Leader Gain better visibility, traceability and financial control of supplies
  • Perioperative Leader Improve process efficiency, analyze/optimize supply usage and costs, and improve staff satisfaction
  • OR Nursing Staff Reduce time managing inventory and more time caring for patients
  • Physicians, Surgeons Improve OR efficiency, ensure supply availability, and reduce infection and safety risks
  • CFO, COO, CNO Optimize clinical operations, capture true case costs, reduce supply spend and improve margins
  • Risk Management Reduce usage of expired products and capture implantable regulatory information

Syft Synergy

  • Master Data Management, Inventory Services, Supply Chain Automation and Demand Forecasting Software
  • Perioperative and Procedural Point-of-Use Analytics Engine
  • Automated pick-lists, ordering, and documentation of materials consumption during patient procedures
  • Preference Card Optimization
  • Supply Chain Optimization, Cost Optimization, Cost Variance Analytics, Physician Benchmarking Reports
  • Expiration/Lot/Serial Recall Tracking

Smarter Clinical Supply Chain Syft Synergy® Version 4.5 – Dock-to-Doc.

Key stakeholders across many hospital departments need better tools to do their jobs. Syft Synergy offers a range of capabilities that reduce error-prone inventory management processes, improve labor efficiencies and help healthcare leaders better manage total supply utilization and cost of healthcare procedures from dock-to-doc Available on Apple and Android Devices

Media Coverage of 2021 Market Report Nurses: The Secret Factor for Better Supply Chains

This year’s annual report, in partnership with Sage Growth Partners, is based on findings from a recent survey of 100 nurses. This survey shares the top supply chain changes nurses wish their hospitals would make, and how current supply chain processes impact efficiency, waste and revenue, patient safety, and stress. Get the Report

You’ve Invested in Your Systems. So Have We.

Syft Synergy isn’t a replacement, it’s an extension of your current systems allowing you to gain more value from your technology investments. Integrations New in Synergy 4.5 New in Synergy 4.4 New in Synergy 4.3 New in Synergy 4.2

  • Hand held devices: iOS, Android
  • Email
  • ERP
  • EHR: ADT system, Billing system, ORIS

A Prescriptive Approach to Success

To ensure total supply chain optimization using Syft Synergy, a prescriptive approach to deployment is recommended. Each key component of the Syft Synergy platform offers tremendous value, starting with Syft MDM services. Key Software Components for Syft Synergy

Master Data Management

Reconcile data including item master, supplier master, PO history, and customized inventory valuation reports more

Inventory Services

Conduct medical-surgical valuation, pharmacy valuation, and capital asset reconciliations more


Record receipt, movement, and consumption of supplies from receiving dock to clinical point-of-use for better traceability, visibility, and accuracy more


Simplify receiving, delivery, and cart count processes. Support multiple replenishment methodologies including a 2-bin Kanban system more

Procedural Point-of-Use

Track supplies at the point-of-use and improve C-suite satisfaction by lowering costs and accurately capturing consumption charges more

Perioperative Point-of-Use

Evaluate procedural- and physician-level case costs and variance, optimize preference cards, and analyze true case costs more

Disruption Recovery and Preparedness

Recover quickly after significant supply chain disruptions, such as COVID-19, and fortify your supply chain to prepare for and manage future disruptions. more

A Holistic Solution

An alternative to products that work in silos to manage supply-related activities, Syft Synergy is a comprehensive platform of software and services. Read Brochure

Be the Master of Your Universe

Insightful data can fundamentally and positively change the way your business operates. Syft Synergy offers an array of analytics and insights including some of these powerful reports:

  • Physician item utilization and cost variance
  • Physician benchmarking
  • Preference card optimization
  • Demand forecasting reports
  • Cost optimization
  • Process optimization
  • Inventory level optimization
  • Operational status and monitoring

And many more…

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