Decedent Management: A Better Approach for the Office of Decedent Affairs

Safe handling of deceased patients is a complex, but essential task. Hospitals must comply with facility, city, state, and federal requirements, and they must avoid errors related to the handling of deceased patients. Such errors create emotional distress to patients’ family members and can be embarrassing and costly for hospitals. Syft enables hospitals to automatically track, accurately document, and easily monitor the flow of deceased patients internally and to external entities. Leveraging a Supply Chain Platform to Manage Hospital Decedent Affairs The Unrealized Value of Managing Patients After Death in the HospitalThe Most Overlooked Risk Management Area in Your Hospital

A Turning Point: The Growing Necessity for Decedent Management

Since launching our unique Syft Synergy Decedent Management and Tracking solution, we’ve begun working with several industry-leaders who also understand the critical need for an improved approach to Decedent Management & Tracking.

These partners understand that hospitals dealing with accelerated patient deaths from COVID-19 need Syft’s Decedent Management, a solution that can be integrated quickly and in unison with their existing systems such as the EHR/HL7/ADT.

Automated Processes, Less Complexity

Many hospitals rely on manual processes for transporting, storing, and documenting deceased patients and appendages. These processes are time consuming and prone to error. Syft’s decedent management and tracking solution is fully configurable to meet your hospital’s unique needs. Download Brochure Read BlogWATCH VIDEO

Barnes-Jewish Hospital Prioritizes Care for Deceased Patients and Their Families

Many hospitals struggle to streamline and improve decedent management processes. Discover how Barnes-Jewish Hospital has made significant improvements in our latest case study. Read Case Study

Efficiency Improvements for Hospital

Syft Synergy frees up hospital staff to focus more time on direct patient care, while having peace of mind that decedent affairs processes are being handled in a compassionate and compliant manner.

Key Efficiency Improvements Include:
  • The elimination of unnecessary steps associated with communicating patient death events among key hospital stakeholders, including decedent affairs specialists, physicians, nurses, transporters, hospital morgue/crematory staff, and mortuaries and funeral homes.
  • Expedited documentation and reporting required by the local, state, and federal government.
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Decedent Case Tracker and Audit

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