Syft Platform Integrations

Syft Synergy’s open architecture is designed to seamlessly integrate to the ERP, EHR and other systems. Our deep level of integration is unique in the market and enables Syft Synergy to deliver unmatched value:

  • Ease of implementation and low-touch for IT teams
  • Real-time ERP transaction updates for on-going stock counts and accurately managing consigned and bill-only stock locations and items
  • Provides ‘plug-n-play’ capability with Syft Synergy enterprise mobile and portal platforms
  • Flexible system integration and deployment options to support the diversity of hospital system profiles used in non-standard, multi-hospital networks and large IDNs
Syft Platform Integrations Business Architecture

EHR Integrations

ERP/MMIS Integration

An Enterprise Approach is Best

Point solutions that solve specific problems create process gaps and can be a burden to manage.

Alternatively, Syft Synergy is a single platform solution that connects systems and processes across the enterprise and improves outcomes.

Syft Platform Integrations Holistic Approach
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