Top 10 Attributes to Look for in a Clinical Inventory Provider

Hospital Clinical Inventory Services

Our team can help organize and manage inventories at the point-of-use, including identifying expired items, to improve patient safety.

Hospital Warehouse Inventory Services

Syft provides accurate point-in-time inventory for hospitals whenever they need it, including for mid- and year-end reporting. Syft’s COVID-19 inventory SWAT team is also available to come on-site and manage critical and time-sensitive tasks.

Hospital Pharmacy Inventory Services

Syft conducts inventory counts in all areas of the hospital, including inpatient, outpatient, satellite, and retail and speciality pharmacy areas, as well as processing and valuation of automated dispensing units.

Simplified Buying Through Group Purchasing Organizations

Hospitals may benefit from a streamlined procurement process when buying from Syft because we are a contracted supplier with many leading Group Purchasing Organizations like HealthTrust, and Vizient. Get Started Today with GHX

Let Us Scope It Out: Enhanced Visibility, Reduced Waste

In the last decade alone, Syft has conducted over 9,200 inventory counts at hospitals across the country, totaling over $15 billion in inventory. Syft’s hospital inventory management solutions help supply chain leaders fully understand the scope of their inventory through technology-enabled inventory counts and accurate and actionable reports. The result is an itemized and auditable inventory. Brochure

COVID-19 Hospital Inventory Management Services

During the COVID-19 surge, items may have been used, moved, or replenished without proper tracking or monitoring, leaving inventory levels in an unknown or depleted state. In addition, items may have expired but have not been removed.

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COVID-19 Inventory SWAT Services

Syft’s inventory SWAT team can help reorganize inventory and assist with time-sensitive tasks. Let us help your staff:

  • Track and monitor inventory levels in an unknown or depleted state
  • Identify, remove, and report expired supplies
  • Audit perpetual inventory
  • Itemize and value supplier-owned products
  • Ensure procedural areas are adequately stocked to prepare for a resurgence in elective surgeries

Healthcare Supply Chain Recovery Playbook

This playbook provides a three-phased, prescriptive approach to help hospitals recover from COVID-19 revenue losses, while also ensuring they are better prepared for the next significant disruption. Phase 1 focuses on improving hospital inventory management.

Hospital Inventory Optimization: Best Practices, Best Results Supply Chain – Clinical – Quality – Risk Management

Organizations that utilize Syft’s inventory counting services realize benefits across the entire health system. We can help your hospital or health system:

  • Ensure compliance, reduce liability from vendor managed consigned items
  • Reduce disruption in supply chain and patient care activities
  • Minimize overtime associated with in-house inventory
  • Reduce risk of expired products used in patient care
  • Prevent over-stocking and over-ordering
  • Identify inventory storage locations
  • Spot potential hoarding

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The Inventory Diaries: Savings Hiding in Plain Sight

Each year, Syft’s Inventory Service Team visits more than 600 hospitals and other health facilities. Their work is much more than providing accurate inventory counts. Often, they shed light on critical information that saves hospitals money and leads to higher quality care. This blog series, written by the Inventory Service Team, shares those stories:

  1. Discovering Nearly $200k Worth of Expired Products at One Hospital
  2. Uncovering Safety and Compliance Problems at One Hospital
  3. Value-Added Inventory Services Bring Hospitals Significant Benefits
  4. How We Found $46 Million in Hidden Value at One Hospital

Actionable Insights

Summary Inventory Report

Summary inventory valuation results reported at the building, department, and area level including expired and consigned items as appropriate.

Detailed Inventory Report

Detailed inventory valuation results reported at the line item level within buildings, departments, and other areas.

Unmatched Report

Items identified during inventory valuation without a matching reference in the client-provided Item Master and PO history files. Client-directed or Syft average pricing may be applied to compute valuation as specified by the client/contract.

Advanced Reporting

Year-over-year inventory variance analysis at the summary and line item detail level (available in second year of service upon request).

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