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An integral part of the Syft Synergy platform, Syft inventory services help supply chain leaders fully understand the scope of their inventory from the warehouse to the point-of-use through technology-enabled counts and actionable reports.

Savings Hiding in Plain Sight

The second largest expense after labor for healthcare providers is supplies, which usually consume one-fifth of their revenue from patients.

Researchers estimated the potential benefit of an efficiently managed healthcare supply chain would range from 2 percent to 8 percent of hospital operating costs. Source

Enterprise Wide Benefits Supply Chain – Clinical – Quality – Risk Management

Organizations that utilize Syft's inventory counting services realize benefits across the entire health system.

  • Ensure compliance, reduce liability from vendor managed consigned items
  • Reduce disruption in supply chain and patient care activities
  • Minimize overtime associated with in-house inventory
  • Reduce risk of expired products used in patient care
  • Prevent over-stocking and over-ordering
  • Identify inventory storage locations
  • Spot potential hoarding
How It Works

Why Syft

We've Got You Covered from Top to Bottom ...and Everything In Between

Our premium inventory services include comprehensive valuation and reconciliation services in all areas of the health system including these inventory types:

  • Pharmacy
  • Assets
  • Medical/Surgical (consumable supplies)
  • Hospital
  • Gift shops, DME, and more

Contracting and Renewal Options

Single and multi-year contracting options are available for Syft inventory services. A multi-year contract offers additional advantages. Email us for more information. Email our inventory specialists for more information.

Actionable Insights

Summary Inventory Report

Summary inventory valuation results reported at the building, department, and area level including expired and consigned items as appropriate.

Detailed Inventory Report

Detailed inventory valuation results reported at the line item level within buildings, departments, and other areas.

Unmatched Report

Items identified during inventory valuation without a matching reference in the client-provided Item Master and PO history files. Client-directed or Syft average pricing may be applied to compute valuation as specified by the client/contract.

Advanced Reporting

Year-over-year inventory variance analysis at the summary and line item detail level (available in second year of service upon request).

Inventory Services and Syft Synergy

Go beyond simply understanding what inventory your hospital owns. Use that information to further automate and manage the supply chain and reduce cost. Check out our entire Syft Synergy platform to understand the full scope of our services and software solutions. More

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