Accurate Data is Actionable Data

A healthy supply chain begins with accurate and reliable data. A key component of the Syft Synergy platform, Master Data Management (MDM) is a data auditing and cleansing service performed by a team of experienced analysts to strategically improve and manage client data assets.

Best Practice Approach to Rationalized Data

This is accomplished by applying established best practice methods and industry standards. Syft MDM services support overall business optimization as hospitals get detailed and trusted insight into their overall supply spend, inventory processes and vendor relationships, while gaining operating efficiencies and user confidence.

Why Syft Master Data Management

Managing data is complex and requires expert data analysts to do the job right. Syft has a long history in Master Data Management. Over the last ten years we have built a reference database with more two million items. We understand all the moving parts and can help you better understand them too.

Base MDM Services includes:
  • Item master cleanse
  • De-duplication
  • UOM validation and updates
  • UNSPSC coding
  • GTIN matching
  • Standardization and consolidation of manufacturer
Premium MDM Services includes:
  • Base service
  • Support for ongoing Item maintenance
  • Description construction and standardization
  • Optional HCPCS coding

Actionable Insights

Data Audit Report

Quantitative and qualitative analyses of the Item Master, in conjunction with PO History, to identify data issues and inform a strategic MDM plan of action and project scope.

Item Duplicates Analysis and Crosswalk

Apply fuzzy match methodologies to identify potential duplicate and overlapping items in the Item Master. Reconciliation results (i.e., Inactivate, Replace) retained in the Crosswalk for full historical reference.

Item and Manufacturer Spend Analysis

Analyses inform proper strategic prioritization of items/manufacturers to ensure proper focus on high frequency/spend items and manufacturers. Analyses leveraged in Item Duplicates Analysis and Manufacturer Name Standardization & Consolidation activities.

UNSPSC Classification

Assign UNSPSC Codes to provide industry standard hierarchical organization to Item Master records, supporting drill-down and roll-up analyses and other strategic corporate initiatives.

Terminology, Abbreviations and UOM Analysis

Apply industry (ANSI X-12) and best-practice standards, establish and maintain client’s terminology standard. Fully coordinated with client teams. Results reflect client preferences and historical usage.

ERP Insert & Update Transaction Records

MDM deliveries are made in an incremental, fully coordinated approach using ERP/Data Loader specifications and mechanisms.

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