Leveraging AI to Cut Costs at the Point-of-Use

Enabled by the aggregate operational data we collect, Syft Synergy’s powerful analytics engine surfaces actionable perioperative insights on surgical material utilization and variances. These insights help hospitals to uncover hidden and unnecessary costs and identify standardization opportunities. Artificial Intelligence Impact Report

Reduce Supply Variance, Increase Savings

According to one study, there “is an opportunity to save money in areas where prices vary widely. This is in physician preference items such as hips and knees, pacemakers and stents”, and other services. As an example, the study found that the price of a pacemaker varies from $9,000 to $21,000. Source

Economic Impact Of Preference Cards Optimization

Users engage with real-time and reliable cost and usage data which provides decision support for more cost-effective product choices. According to one source, PPIs (Physician Preference Items) constitute 40-60% of a hospital’s total supply cost1. Proven through extensive research and experience with customers using Syft Synergy, PPI related savings potential can range between 5-8% of costs by working with surgeons to reduce supply variation. How It Works Watch The Video More on Supply Standardization ROI

Improve Surgeon and Staff Satisfaction With Accurate Case Carts and Preference Cards

VIDEO: Easing Nursing Workflows at the Point-of-Use

Capture True Case Costs

Syft Synergy provides comprehensive, real-time intel on procedural costs and materials utilization by case, physician, and procedure through intuitive dashboards accessible from any mobile and PC-based browser. Users gain immediate access to actionable data via an intuitive dashboard. More on your potential savings

Actionable Analytics & Reports Insights Improve Point-of-Use Efficiencies

Physician item utilization and cost variance

Allows perioperative leaders to analyze variance between physicians and identify supply level opportunities to standardize. See Report

Physician benchmarking

Empowers perioperative leaders with spend and variance data (by specialty and physician) highlighting high costs and opportunities for supply savings. See Report

Preference card optimization

Preference card usage history provides analytical data OR leaders need to optimize preference cards by specialty, procedure, and physician. See Report

Demand Forecasting Report: Prediction is Prevention℠

Especially helpful for pick preparations, analytics provide OR and supply chain leaders with time series forecasting methods used to predict procedure, supply, and inventory demands. See Report See Report

Perioperative Point-of-Use in Syft Synergy

Syft Synergy is a comprehensive platform of software and services used to gain enterprise-wide visibility and control of inventory and costs. More

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