Point-of-Use Inventory Solutions Because Your Hospital Can’t Afford Status Quo

Syft’s procedural point-of-use software provides clinicians with tools so they can spend less time managing inventory and more time caring for patients. With integrated barcode scanning and hand-held support for mobility, Syft Synergy automates and streamlines what would otherwise be manual workflows leading to greater efficiency and margins in high-value procedural areas. Check out your savings opportunities

Better Handle On Processes, Better Margins

Research shows that nationally, cardiovascular care contributes 20-60% of the operating margins for hospitals. And experts agree that an efficiently run cath lab could make a big difference to the overall cardiovascular service line and the hospital. Source

Real-Time Data Analytics What Can Be Measured Can Be Managed

Integrated with your hospital’s clinical systems, Syft Synergy supply chain management software with actionable insights drives organizational process improvements. See how Syft helps drive savings
  • Tracks and records consumption items
  • Supports operating rooms, procedural areas, nursing units/floors
  • Automates case documentation and billing
  • Integrates with EHR / ORIS / billing systems

Improved Staff Satisfaction Automated Inventory Management…Your Staff Will Thank You

Actionable Analytics & Reports Insights Improve Point-of-Use Efficiencies

Cost Optimization
Real-time insights into case costs and physician procedural costs to manage and reduce variance and associated costs. See Report
Process Optimization
Optimize stock location items across warehouse, distribution, and clinical areas. Optimize frequency of cycle/cart counting to improve resource utilization. Optimize preference cards, case picks and OR material needed based on historical utilization.
Inventory Level Optimization
Actionable insights for adjusting inventory levels based on supply utilization velocity and turnover. See Report
Operational Status and Monitoring
Monitor active warehouse and clinical operations to better manage the overall supply chain and ensure clinical supplies are available for patients. See Report

Procedural Point-of-Use in Syft Synergy

Syft Synergy is a comprehensive platform of software and services used to gain enterprise-wide visibility and control of inventory and costs. More
Accurately Capture Consumption Charges. contact us today