Supply Chain Efficiencies

Our solution extends clinical systems’ capabilities by enabling an enterprise-wide mobility solution that integrates and updates ERP and EHR systems in real time. With Syft Synergy, hospitals gain complete traceability, visibility, and accuracy of all supplies and resources.

What’s Next? 5 Predictions for Healthcare Supply Chain in 2019

Organizations will become poised to move from automation to orchestration. Source


The Syft Synergy warehouse solution automates and simplifies management of perpetual inventory in the warehouse and periodic inventory across clinical areas to solve common challenges including error-prone manual processes.


The Syft Synergy distribution software enables a closed-loop accounting of inventory replenishment process for both stock and non-stock supplies. Syft supports multiple replenishment methodologies including a 2-bin Kanban system.

Actionable Insights

Cost Optimization

Real-time insights into case costs and physician procedural costs to manage and reduce variance and associated costs. See Report

Process Optimization

Optimize stock location items across warehouse, distribution, and clinical areas.

Optimize frequency of cycle/cart counting to improve resource utilization.

Optimize preference cards, case picks and OR material needed based on historical utilization.

Inventory Level Optimization

Actionable insights for adjusting inventory levels based on supply utilization velocity and turnover. See Report

Operational Status and Monitoring

Monitor active warehouse and clinical operations to better manage the overall supply chain and ensure clinical supplies are available for patients. See Report

Warehouse and Distribution and Syft Synergy

Supply chain management for warehouse and distribution areas is only one offering of the Syft Synergy platform. Click below to learn more about the entire platform and its enterprise capabilities. More

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