Regain Lost Margins and Improve Revenue

Hospitals have reported significant financial losses as a result of cancelled elective surgeries caused by COVID-19. In addition to revenue declines, health systems are facing higher supply costs. In order to reduce OR waste and increase revenue, hospitals need a laser focus on surgical supply usage. Request Demo

New in Synergy 4.3 Real-Time Analytics. Customizable Dashboards. Total Optimization.

For the first time, we are offering a few of our most popular web-based dashboards and analytics as a standalone package leveraging data provided by the hospital. The intelligent suite of analytics provides real-time business intelligence data that drives inventory and process optimization in procedural and surgical settings.

Hospitals may also upgrade to a bundled solution which includes all Syft Synergy dashboards and reports plus Syft's Master Data Management (MDM) services and point-of-use technologies. The additional services and solutions help to ensure the data driving the dashboards and analytics is clean, complete, and reliable. Watch Video

Variance Dashboards/Reports by Specialty, Procedure, and Physician
  • Drill down to see spend variances by physician and procedure as well as ICD levels
  • Analyze procedure and case costs with patient outcomes detail to gain further insight into spend variances
  • Identify costs savings and standardization opportunities
  • Analyze and compare the cost and cost variances among physicians performing the same procedures
Preference Card Efficiency
  • Easily identify preference card inefficiencies and optimization opportunities
  • Detailed reports on actual supply usage and waste
Top 5, Top 10 Procedure Cost Variance by Specialty
  • Provides clinical and executive leaders with detailed information on the highest-cost procedures and variance analysis’ for performing surgeons
  • Patient outcomes data provides further insight to help determine reasons for variances
  • Actionable data enables quick process improvement opportunities
Procedural Demand Forecasting: Prediction is Prevention(SM)
  • Monitor procedure and supply level demand forecasts to prevent supply shortages
  • Drill down into forecasted procedure demand compared to schedules within specialties to review and address item level inventory needs
  • Helps to prevent case delays or cancellations
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Also New in Synergy 4.3 Surgeon Procedural Cost Benchmarking

This new dynamic dashboard allows select users to monitor surgeon procedures and compare costs to like procedures. Integrated “Watch” functionality notifies select team members when procedures are completed so cost and cost performance information can be reviewed immediately

New Features and Functions for System Administrators

  • Easily upload log files for expedited support issue resolution
  • Proactive and improved processes for email server configuration and testing
  • Streamlined user login process and simplified user administration
  • Additional workflow flexibility and configurability for system administrators

Bridging the Integration Gap

Data stored in disparate systems is burdensome for users trying to retrieve information and for systems administrators. Syft bridges that gap with integration to the hospital’s EHR, ERP, and ORIS systems.

Remote deployment and training is another added bonus for users and administrators.Integrations

Strength in Numbers

Consider pairing Syft’s perioperative dashboards and reports with our Syft Synergy point-of-use supply chain management software, integrated with barcode scanning technology, to gain greater insight into actual supply usage at the point of consumption. Learn More

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